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From digital turbine control systems to fuel valves to guide vane actuators PECC can support all of your industrial demands.


Our PECC team considers each client’s unique needs and requirements in effort to offer the best, most effective and innovative strategies and products that provide clear and creative solutions.


Our dedication to both our customers and investors drive our quest for competitive excellence and commitment to superior quality that supports continuous growth for PECC and our clients.


PECC’s technical and engineering experts are available and committed to providing exceptional onsite and virtual technical support and services for all PECC products.

What We Do

Comprehensive engineering solutions

Unique and Innovative Industry Design Solutions

Responsive and consistent service to meet your needs

Product development with Integrity

Expert team support beyond product engineering

Strong strategy development and cooperation for success


PECC seeks to inspire all team members to anticipate customer needs, engage in sustainable practices and offer the best of their abilities to promote excellent services and products.

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