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General Manager Message

It is truly an honor and privilege for me to serve you, our customers, clients and team as part of Precision Engine Controls Corporation (PECC) leadership and management. Our company is built on a strong foundation of dedicated employees, innovative design solutions and exemplary customer service. The values of PECC are the very same values shared by myself and our team.

You have my commitment that every representative at Precision embraces each customers’ individual and unique requirements. We are committed to offering comprehensive solutions extending beyond product engineering including support in sales, marketing, troubleshooting, manufacturing, technical support and much more.

I’m so proud of the team we have assembled here at PECC. We all work to cultivate relationships where we listen to you in order to support your needs and vision. Through clear strategy development, communication and cooperating with each other and our clients, we can offer the best and most effective services and products.

Our company mindset is to lift your experience and your own product offering by providing responsive, consistent service with strong integrity. My biggest gift to all our clients is to nurture the desire for our team at PECC to seek to continuous growth and improvement so we can better serve our clients and customers. We will do what it takes to provide you with the best personalized and innovative service.

I personally invite you to connect with our team directly. We’d love to take the time to get to know you and offer you the PECC service that will lift your vision.


Sherri Stack

General Manager


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