Next Generation Gas Valve (XVG)

XVG Next Generation Gas Valve

Today's high performance and low emission industrial gas turbine and reciprocating engines demand more than just reliable fuel control. They demand stable, fast and accurate fuel flow control using a variety of supply pressures and gases.

Building on Precision Engine Controls' quarter century plus of electric fuel metering valve experience, the XVG (next generation gas valve) offers the latest technology in flow control, contamination resistance and precision control over a wide flow range, in a compact package.

Using integrated sensors, this flow-through design automatically compensates for variations in pressure and temperature providing the precise fuel flow demanded under varying conditions. Fuel flow measurement is as simple as reading the valve feedback. Valve feedback is given in terms of fuel flow; and valve position and is especially suited for DLE applications. The valve is programmable for flow versus demand. Complete closed-loop fuel control is possible when using the 4-20mA interfaces.

The 24 VDC integrated digital electronics features real-time health and data monitoring through an isolated, RS232 serial interface. A terminal block provides convenient interface for electrical installation.

The eXVG design is robust which translates into high reliability. The valve contains a single direct acting solenoid actuator with no mechanical linkages, and only one moving part. The flow tube design is balanced allowing smooth, fast valve operation over a wide pressure range.

The flow through, self cleaning action makes this valve contami- nation resistant. A fail-safe closing spring, and easy to clean, soft seats, provide a positive shut-off.

The smooth flow through design also results in superior flow performance. The high turn-down ratio allows operation over a wide range and low supply pressure. The XVG can handle fuel flow for industrial engines up to 10 MW (13,000 HP).

All these features are contained in a compact package that is a drop-in replacement for the widely successful Precision Engine Controls VG1.5 fuel metering valve.


  • Flow Control and Measurement
  • Turbine Fuel Control Optional
  • Integrated Digital Electronics
  • 24 VDC Operation
  • 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 5 VDC interface
  • RS485 Programmable
  • Health Monitoring
  • Fast Response
  • Contamination Resistant
  • Flow Through Design
  • 200:1 Turn Down Ratio (400:1 optional)
  • Fail Safe Closed
  • Fits VG1.5 Installation
  • US Patent No's 6,882,924 & 7,069,137